Brainloop Data Room


Typical customers:

  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Mid size businesses
  • Large enterprises

Seller: Brainloop AG

Year Founded: 2000

HQ Location: Munich, Germany

Free Trial: 7 Days

Demo: No

Multilingual: Yes

Not provided

Brainloop Data Room review

Brainloop is a German software provider founded in 2000. The company is headquartered in Munich and has offices in Austria and Switzerland.

Brainloop offers four software solutions:

  1. DealRoom, a virtual data room
  2. MeetingSuite, a board management solution
  3. BoardRoom, a solution for secure board communications
  4. CollaborationRoom, a solution for secure collaboration with both internal and external teams

The Brainloop virtual data room is used by small and medium-sized businesses for property management, M&A due diligence, intellectual property protection, and biotech outlicensing, among other corporate processes. Companies interested in Brainloop DealRoom can request both a demo and a free trial of the product.



Brainloop DealRoom is a web-based platform. It runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Brainloop DealRoom is adaptive to mobile devices, including Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

  • Web-based
  • Mac
  • Window
  • Mobile-friendly


Brainloop offers its customers various support options:

  • Customers can live chat with customer support 24/7 through a dedicated client web portal.
  • Email support is also available.
  • Telephone support is available worldwide, with dedicated lines for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States. Customers from other countries have the option of two different telephone lines, one of them toll-free.
  • Software usage training and advice is available on request.
  • The client portal includes a knowledge base with articles and quick guides accessible to anyone.


Local Centers

Online Help Center

Personal Manager


The data centers of Brainloop DealRoom, located in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, are all certified according to ISO 27001. Furthermore, like all Brainloop applications, DealRoom is protected by several security features:

  • Two-factor authentication. This secure log-in process prevents access to users’ accounts by people other than the authorized users. 
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest. It protects stored and shared data from hacker attacks.
  • Operator protection. This feature protects VDR administrators and prevents unauthorized access from inside the data room. 
  • Periodical auditing. External auditors check the security of the application several times a year, to ensure there are no security glitches or loopholes.
  • Granular user permissions. Like many virtual data rooms, Brainloop allows administrators to grant individual user permissions down to document level. This increases the admin’s control over who is interacting with each document within the VDR.
  • Personalized watermarks. If the admin activates this option, documents will be watermarked with the name and personal info of the user who downloads them — which is a big encouragement not to share the documents with unauthorized people.  
  • Time limit for access. This feature ensures that when the admin withdraws permissions from a given user, that user can no longer use the invitation link to view documents. It also reduces chances of unauthorized people accessing a user’s VDR account even if they gain access to the user’s device.

Other features

  • Automatic indexing. Documents uploaded onto the data room are automatically included in the data room indexes. This allows users to find them with a quick keyword search.
  • Quick setup. Because there’s no need to download and install software, admins can create and populate the data room in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy access. Users can log onto the data room from mobile devices as well as their desktop computers, by simply using their web browsers.


Brainloop pricing is not disclosed on the company’s website for any of its software solutions. In order to learn about pricing plans for Brainloop DealRoom, businesses must contact Brainloop through their website, by email, or by telephone.

Security Compliance:
  • ISO 27001
  • TCDP