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How Virtual Data Rooms Boost the Efficiency of Strategic Alliances

By the year 2025, nearly a third of the world's total sales are projected to be generated by ecosystems. This explains the recent surge in organizations opting...

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recent M&A deals

Recent M&A Deals of 2022-2023

Surprisingly or not, 2022 was not a year of booming M&A activity, as, in 2022, merger and acquisition

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divestment discussion

Divestiture Best Practices Guide 2023

Divestitures and  M&A deals are vital strategies for companies to allocate resources and manage their portfolios efficiently. While

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business valuation process

Your Ultimate Business Valuation Checklist for Valuing a Company

Surprisingly or not, 98% of business owners don't know the actual value of their business assets. That said,

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m&a strategies in 2023

M&A Strategies in 2023: Types and Key Considerations

The M&A industry will peak again in 2023 as companies adapt to today’s challenges. But according to Harvard

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due diligence report

Due Diligence Reports Guide: Types, Structure, and Best Practices

When it comes to successful due diligence as part of a merger or acquisition transaction, proper preparation can

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due diligence process

Due Diligence Process: Definition, Components, and Best Practices

To evaluate any potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal, it is essential to assess risks and opportunities behind

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life science

Data Rooms for Life Sciences: Benefits and Use Cases Guide

Virtual data rooms for life science industries A virtual data room for life sciences is a secure platform

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Post-Merger Integration: Definition, Process & Best Practices

What is M&A integration? Post-merger integration is the complex process of combining two companies with the purpose of

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Virtual Data Room for Bankruptcy and Restructuring: A Complete Guide

Navigating and managing corporate bankruptcy calls for secure, well-equipped technology. And virtual data room software offers companies across

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Data Room Index: Ideal Folder Structure

By rolling out a virtual data room (VDR) solution, business owners and company executives significantly facilitate their corporate

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How to Set Up a Data Room in 9 Simple Steps: Top Tips and Insights

Data room set up is an obligatory initial step whenever you start using a virtual data room (VDR) 

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data room for private equity firms

Private Equity Data Room

Virtual data rooms have seen a surge in popularity over the past decade, and are now found in

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Virtual Data Rooms vs. File Sharing Platforms

Thanks to the technological developments of the 21st century, access to the internet is almost worldwide. As a

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startup fundraising

How to Choose a Virtual Data Room for Startup Fundraising

Fundraising is the backbone of any startup. That is what the development (or setback) of a business depends

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real estate due diligence

Why Use a Virtual Data Room for Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

You wouldn’t buy a car or house without properly examining your purchase. So why would you purchase commercial

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investment banking

A Guide to Choosing an Investment Banking Data Room

Virtual data rooms come in handy in many industries. Investment banks, in particular, find a very distinct set

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background vdr

What Is a Data Room? Physical vs. Virtual Data Rooms

What is a physical data room? A data room is a secure space for storing confidential documents, typically for

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Why and How to Use a Virtual Data Room for an IPO?

Many privately-owned businesses go through the Initial Public Offering process, as they want to obtain more capital by

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